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"Revision of the Orchids of German Samoa", being a translation from Feddes Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis, Vol. 9 (1910-1911), p. 82-96, 98-112. Edited and translated by H.J.Katz and J.T.Simmons. 1986. VI,26,IV p. 4to. Paper bd.
Genera in alphabetical sequence: Agrostophyllum Bl./ Bulbophyllum Thou. / Calanthe R.Br./ Cleisostoma Bl./ Coelogyne Lindl./ Corymbis Bl./ Corysanthes R.Br./ Cryptostylis R.Br./ Cystopus Bl./ Dendrobium Sw./ Didymoplexis Griff./ Earina Lindl./ Epiblasus Schltr./ Eria Lindl./ Erythrodes Bl./ Eucosia Bl./ Geodorum Jacks./ etc.
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