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Beilstein, Ulrich

Mikrofloren (Sporomorphen,Dinophyceen) aus der re- gressiven Oberkreide des Benue-Troges.1994.(Geol.Inst.Univ.Koeln, Sonderveroeffentlichungen,95).38 Tafeln. 305 S.gr8vo.Broschiert.
68 drilling samples from a drilling well through the Gombe-Sandstone and the Pindiga-Formation (NE-Nigeria, Upper Benue Trough) yielded rich phytoplankton and microspore assemblages. The palynomorphs were used for biostratigraphical and paleoecological interpretations. Among the total of 267 different species of dispersed palynomorphs 46 species have been described as new species and one new pollen genus was errected. A description of the microflora and the dinoflagellates is presented in the systematic part.
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