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Tolmachev, A. I. and B. A. Yurtsev (eds.)

The Flora of the Russian Arctic (Flora Arctica URSS).English translation by Graham C. D. Grif- fiths.Edited by John G. Packer. Volume 1: Polypodiaceae to Gramineae. 1995.Many distrib.maps. XXXVIII,330 p.gr8vo.Hardcover.
Originally published in Russia between 1968 and 1987 in ten volumes. The English translation, The Flora of the Rusian Arctic, was to be published in 6 volumes, but publication seems to have ceased after volume 3. - There has never been a flora in English language for the whole Russian Arctic. The size of the area covered and the number of species listed makes it the most important flora published on the area so far.The flora uses the classification of Engler & Prantl and treats some 360 genera, 1650 species and 220 infraspecific taxa, mostly subspecies. Includes descriptions of many new species, subspecies and many new combinations.
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