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Book ID:  061838
Braun, Uwe

A Monograph of Cercosporella, Ramularia and Allied Genera (Phyotopathogenic Hyphomycetes).Volume 1.1995.11 plates.333 p.gr8vo. Hardcover.
Provides an up-to-date, world-wide coverage of the taxonomy and nomenclature of 26 hyphomycete genera. Five additional genera are partly treated. General introductory chapters (morphology,etc.), keys, etc. Vol.1 covers Cercosporella, Cercospora subg. Hyalocercospora, Pseudocercosporella, Ramulispora, Thedgonia, Cylindrocladiopsis, Miuraea, Mycocentrospora, Anguillosporella, Spermaspora, Spermosporina, Rhynchosporium, Rhynchosporina, Mastogosporium, Microdochium, Muirella, Rhexocercosporidium, Bostrichonema, Hawksworthiana. With index of host genera, scientific fungus names, list of new taxa and new combinations. Volume 2 will deal mainly with Ramularia,Phacellium etc.
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