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Book ID:  061964
Joergensen, P. M. and C. Ulloa Ulloa

Seed Plants of the High Andes of Ecuador.1994.(AAU Reports,34).24 figs.X,445p.Paper bd.
Contents (partly): Geography/ Topography/ Rivers/ Geology/ Human influence and productive activities ( Population/ Forestry and Deforestation/ Reforestation/ The vegetation/ Vegetation Zones/ Desert Paramo/ Shrub and Cushion Paramo/ Etc.)/ Distribution patterns of species (Widespread species/ Northern and central species/ Southern species/ Etc.)/ Lifeforms (Trees/ Shrubs/ Herbs/ Etc.)/ The checklist (Methods/ Format, Taxonomy and Difficult Taxa/ Biological Information/ Specimens Cited and Abbreviations Used)/ Index of Names
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