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Barus,V., Oliva, O. and oths.

Obojzivelnici - Amphibia. 1992. (Fauna CSFR). 59 figs. 18 pls. 324 p. gr8vo. Hard cover. - In Czech, with English summary.
The publication brings summarized notions on amphibia in Czechoslovakia taking into account the newest worldwide notions. The work is divided into a general and systematic parts. The general one contains chapters on external morphology, osteology, all systems of organs, nutrition, climatic demands, ethology, population biology, multiplying and phylogenesis. The systematic part brings description in detail of all Czechoslovak fauna species. The appropriate keys serve their determination. There is for each species a description and picture, including the most important body dimensions and indices, colouring, sex differences, karyotypes, occurrence regions, data on behaviour, nutrition, multiplying, growth, size, and both overall area of occurrence and special one in this territory. Every species is briefly characterized as to its importance. Attached is also a list of parasites found in the territory of Czechoslovakia.
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