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Bibliotheca Mycologica

Volume 150: Petrini,Orlando and Gary A. Laursen (eds.): Arctic and Alpine Mycology 3-4.Proceedings of the Third and Fourth International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology.1993.illustr. XI,269 p.gr8vo.Paper bd.
Contents (partly): Laursen, G.A.: The Third International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology, Svalbard, Norway, August 10-19, 1988/ Miller, H.: The Fourth International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology, Lanslebourg, France, August 24-September 4, 1992/ Miller, H.: ISAM-IV Business Meeting/ Bendiksen, E., T.E.Brandrud, K.Bendiksen & H.Lindstroem: A study of the Cortinarius helobius-complex, with special emphasis on arctic-alpine material/ Dissing, H.: Two new species of Discomycetes (order Pezizales) from Graubuenden, Switzerland/ Durrieu, G. & M.K.Adhikari: Distribution of some groups of plant parasitic fungi in high mountains/ Fellner, R. & J.Landa: Some species of Cortinariaceae and Russulaceae in the alpine belt of the Belaer Tatras/ Graf, F. & E.Horak: Taxonomy and ecology of a new hypogeous Basidiomycete, Hymenogaster saliciphilus sp.nov., from the alpine zone of the Grisons (Switzerland)/ etc.
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