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Book ID:  063148
Eggli, Urs, Mélica Munoz Schick and Beat Ernst Leuenberger

Cactaceae of South America: The Ritter Collections. 1995. (Englera 16). 646 p. gr8vo.Paper bd.
Biographical Notes on Friedrich Ritter/ The Ritter Collections:Introduction to their Problems,Conventions Adopted/ La colecciones "Ritter": Introduccion a sus problemas,Convenciones adoptadas/ Die Ritter Aufsammlungen: Einführung in die Problematik, Verwendete Konventionen/ Abbreviations Used,Verwendete Abkürzungen, Abbreviaturas/ The Ritter Collections by Number/ The Ritter Collections by Taxa.- Friedrich Ritter is one of the well known collectors of South American cacti. This book documents his collections and offers introductory and explanatory texts in English, Spanish and German. - Distributed by Koeltz Scientific Books for Gantner Verlag.
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