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Teugels, Guy G., Gordon McG.Reid and Richard P. King

Fishes of the Cross River Basin (Cameroon-Nigeria). Taxonomy, Zoogeography, Ecology and Conservation.1992.(Musee Roy.Afrique Centr.Tervuren,Annales Sc. Zoologiques,266).Illustr. 122 p. 4to.Broche.
Contents (partly): Introduction/ Study area: Hydrobiology/ Study area: Collections, collecting sites & material examined/ Fishes of the Cross River Basin: Annotated Checklist (Rajiformes/ Lepidosireniformes/ Polypteriformes/ Anguilliformes/ Elopiformes/ Clupeiformes/ Osteoglossiformes/ Characiformes/ Cypriniformes/ Siluriformes/ Cyprinodontiformes/ Syngnathiformes/ Perciformes/ Synbranchiformes/ Pleuronectiformes/ Tetraodontiformes)/ Discussion/ References/ Index to Genius and Species Names.
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