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Book ID:  054041
Mukerji, K.G., A.K. Bhatnagar, S.C. Tripathi (eds.) a.oths.

Current Concepts in Seed Biology. 1992. figs. tabs. XVI,421 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Contents (partly): Angiosperm Embryology in 2000 A.D., P.S.Srivastava and B.M.Johri/ Embryogenic Studies in Angiosperms-The Current Position, D.Padmanabhan/ Evolutionary Significance of Ancient Seeds and Cupules, D.D.Pant/ Spermoderm Pattern in Papilionoideae (Fabaceae), Arun K. Pandey/ Seed Physiology in Relation to Crop-Productivity, Seed Dormancy and Seed Viability, Ashwani K.Srivastava/ Seed Proteins, Dhan Prakash/ Commercial Seed Galactomannans-New Sources and Structural Chemistry, V.P.Kapoor/ A Continued Thrust in Soil Ecology: Seed Bank, Hema Singh and J.S.Singh/ Seed Deterioration - A Review, O.P.Saxena, Ashvin Thanki and Anil Pandya/ Implications of Improper Storage of Grains, B.S. Mehrotra/ Aflatoxins in Seeds, Manju Bansal, Manju Saxena, K.G. Mukerji/ Abdelamir Allameh and H.G.Raj/ etc.
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