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WATANABE, Masayuki and Samar B.MALLA (eds.)

Cryptogams of the Himala- yas. Volume 2. 1990. 7 colour plates. many figures in the text. 173 di- stribution maps of pteridophytes (dot maps). X,212 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: Botanical Expedition to the Himalayas and Adjacent Areas 1988 , Masayuki Watanabe and Samar B.Malla/ Morphology and Taxonomy of the Genus Coleodesmium (Cyanophyceae/Cyanobacteria), Jiri Komdrek and Masayuki Watanabe/ Enumeration of the Dictyostelid Cellular Slime Molds obtained from Mt. Phulchoki in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, Hiromitsu Hagiwara/ Myxomycetes from Central Nepal II, Yukunori Yamamoto and Hiromitsu Hagiwara/ Colonian Volvocales (Chlorophyta) from Central and East Nepal, Hisayoshi Noyaki/ Distribution and Sexual Compatibility in Mating Clones of Colonial Green Alga, Gonium pectorale (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae) in Nepal, Tibet (China) and Ryukyu Islands (Japan), Shoichi Saito/ The Entomophthorales of Nepal (2), Takashi Mikawa/ A New Species of Apiosordaria and Some Interesting Ascomycetes from Nepal, Shun-ichi Udagawa/ Coleosporium (Uredinales) from Nepal, Shigeru Keneko, Makoto Kakishima and Yoshitaka Ono/ Graminicolous Rust Fungi (Uredinales) from Nepal, Yoshitaka Ono, Makoto Kakishima and Mahesh K. Adhikari/ The Genus Russula from Nepal (II), Mahesh K.Adhikari/ Species of Anaptychia and Parmelia Collected in Nepal, Lokendra R.Sharma and Syo Kurokawa/ Chromosome Numbers of Some Hypnaceous Mosses from Nepal, Satoru Inoue and Masanobu Higuchi/ Mosses from Nepal collected by Botanical Expedition of National Science Museum, Tokyo, compiled by Masanobu Higuchi and Noriwo Takaki/ Cytological Observations of Some Ferns in Nepal (1) On the Related Taxa with Japan, Sadamu Matsumoto and Toshiyuki Nakaike/ Flavonoid Profiles of Asplenium normale in Nepal with taxonomic comments, Tsukasa Iwashina and Sadamu Matsumoto/ Distribution Maps of Pteridophytes in Kathmandu, Nepal (3), Toshiyuki Nakaike, Sadamu Matsumoto and Vidya L.Gurung.
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