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Preston, C. D.

Pondweeds of Great Britain and Ireland. Illustrated by L.T.Ellis, with additional drawings by Megan Dowlen, Karin Dracoulis, G.Lyall and Margaret Tebbs.1995. (B.S.B.I.Handbook,8). 50 full-page line drawings with 1 corresponding full-page distribution map. Some other figures.350 p.8vo.Paper bd.
Contents (partly): History of Pondweed Studies in Britain and Ireland/ Nomenclature/ Synopsis of Classification and Arrangement of Taxa/ Classification and Evolution/ Hybridisation in Potamogeton/ Variation/ Chromosme Numbers/ Structure/ Life History/ Ecology/ The Major Pondweed Habitats/ Pondweeds and Birds/ Pondweeds and other Organisms/ Distribution/ Pondweeds in Horticulture/ Collection and Preservation of Material/ Keys/ Species Accounts/ Guide to the Literature/ Glossary.
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