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Fusarium. Mycotoxins, Taxonomy and Pathogenicity. 1989. (Topics in Secondary Metabolism, vol. 2). figs. tabs. XII,492 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.
Contents: Metabolites of Fusarium, R.F.Vesonder and P.Golinski/ Fusarin C, J.M.Farber and P.M.Scott/ Mycotoxins associated with corn cob fusariosis, J.Chelkowski/ Formation of mycotoxins produced by Fusaria in heads of wheat, triticale and rye, J.Chelkowski/ Fusarium species and their mycotoxins in infected cereals in the field and in stored grains, A.Bottalico, A.Logrieco and A.Visconti/ Application of Artemia salina L. bioassay for screening of Fusaria toxins, R.Schmidt/ Trichothecene poisonings on fish, E.-L.Hintikka/ Metabolites of the trichothecenes T-2 toxin, diacetoxyscirpenol and deoxynivalenol by farm animals, J.Bauer, M.Gareis and B.Gedek/ Metabolism of zearalenone in farm animals, M.Olsen / Identification of Fusaria occurring in Europe on cereals and potatoes, H.I.Nirenberg/ Taxonomy and nomenclature of Microdochium nivale (Fusarium nivale), W.Gams/ Fusarium species and their specific profiles of secondary metabolites, U.Thrane/ Growth regulators formed by Fusaria: their significance for fungus growth, sporulation and pathogenicity towards the host plant, M.Michniewicz/ etc.
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