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Bibliotheca Diatomologica

Volume 028: Witkowski, Andrzej: Recent and fossil diatom flora of the Gulf of Gdansk, Southern Baltic Sea. Origin, composition and changes of diatom assemblages during the Holocene. 1994. 42 plates. 12 figs. II,313 p.Paper bound.
The aim is to study and analyse the species composition of recent, subfossil and fossil diatom floras in the Gulf of Gdansk in the southern Baltic Sea. - Contents (partly): Abstract/ Introduction/ Material and methods (The study area/ Geological development of the study area/ The material studied - Description of the cores studied/ Age of the sediments)/ Results (Fossil diatom fora/ Subfossil diatom flora/ Recent diatom flora - Coastal shallows (supralittoral and littoral) assemblage/ Sublittoral assemblage/ Deep water (pelagic) assemblage/ Anthropogenic assemblage/ Diatom taxa found in the sediments studied - Centrales/ Pennales)/ Discussion/ Concluding remarks/ References. - Good second hand copy.
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