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Rai, Topdhan and Laitkumar Rai

Trees of the Sikkim Himalaya. 1994. numerous colour photos. 120 p. Lex8vo. Cloth.
A very small fragment of landform within the Himalayan enormity is found in the eastern flange of the Himalaya where, it is said, Nature chose to create her garden. That place, or rather the garden of bounty, is also known as the Sikkim Himalaya. The diversity in plants, wildlife and land formations are the three interesting features of this Himalayan Atlantis, and inch-for-inch the situation is perhaps hard to beat anywhere in the world. This book picks out just a small fraction out of the totality - the trees. A major part of the representative tree flora is shaped up to meet the requirement of environment people, foresters, ecologists, students, and of course, the modern-day naturalists. Species include a selection of the best-known and also the least-known, from the most useful to the less useful ones. This pioneering work for the first time highlights a hitherto unlit corner in the photo-journalism of Sikkim Himalayan floristics.
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