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Flora of New Zealand

Freshwater Algae, Chlorophyta, Desmids, with ecological comments on their habitats. Volume 3: Staurodesmus, Stauras- trum and the Filamentous desmids.By Hannah Croasdale, Elizabeth A. Flint and Marilyn M. Racine.1994. 1 col.frontispiece.146 plates (line-drawgs.) X , 218 p. (plates not included in pagination). gr8vo.Hardcover.
Contents (partly): Key to genera reported from New Zealand (revised)/ Order: Desmidiales (Placoderm desmids)/ Family: Desmidiaceae (continued) (Staurodesmus/ Staurastrum/ Bambusina/ Desmidium/ Groenbladia/ Hyalotheca/ Onychonema/ Phymatodocis/ Sphaerozosma/ Spondylosium/ Teilingia)/ Conclusions/ New taxa and new combinations/ Glossary including ecological terms/ Literature/ etc.
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