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Flora Hellenica

Volume 01: Arne Strid and Kit Tan (eds.): Gymnospermae to Caryophyllaceae. 1997. 722 distrib. maps. 1 col. frontispiece. XXXVI, 547 p. 4to. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-87429-391-4, Vol.1)
FLORA HELLENICA is the first comprehensive Flora of Greece to be produced for almost 100 years and is supervised by a steering committee consisting of A. Strid, S. Snogerup and D.Phitos. It includes all species of wild growing vascular plants in the country, currently estimated to number c. 5,800. The sequence of families and genera follows that of Flora Europaea. Nine volumes are planned. - The Flora contains diagnostic keys at all taxonomic levels. Descriptions as well as information on nomenclature, typification, habitat, distribution and chromosome numbers are provided for all species and subspecies. Dot maps are given for almost all taxa. They have been automatically generated from a database storing the information on specimens, literature records and field notes, each record including geographical coordinates (degrees and minutes of longitude and latitude). By March 1, 1996, the database held c. 280,000 records; it will be continually extended and updated throughout the project. A coloured frontispiece will be included in each volume. Greece is one of the floristically richest countries in Europe and the Mediterranean area ,having the highest incidence of endemism - about 740 species, or 13% of the flora. Great diversity in topography, geology, soil and climate has led to geographical isolation and extensive speciation. FLORA HELLENICA attempts to collate and summarize the vast amounts of published and unpublished data on the Greek flora that have accumulated for a period of 100 years. It will be an indispensible reference work.
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