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Iconographia Diatomologica

Annotated Diatom Micrographs. Edited by Horst Lange-Bertalot.Volume 04: Taxonomy. 1996. 100 photographic plates. 286 p. gr8vo.Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-87429-392-1)
This volume contains the following four contributions: I) METZELTIN, Ditmar und Andrzej WITKOWSKI: Diatomeen der Bären- Insel. Süßwasser und marine Arten.92 Tafeln.233 Seiten.In Deutsch, mit englischem Abstract. - Quotation from the abstract:' Samples with diatoms originating from several small lakes and from the marine littoral of the Bear Island (Northern Atlantic) were studied by means of light (LM) and electron microscopy (SEM,TEM). The diatom composition of freshwater and of the still intact marine littoral were only little known until recently. The new investigations reveal a diatom flora very rich in species number. Together 625 taxa were identified to the species or variety level. A certain number remained unidentified or classified only at the generic level. 15 marine and 7 freshwater species were described as new.'--- II) METZELTIN, Ditmar: Geissleria lange - bertalotii sp. nov.; 28 Figuren auf 3 Tafeln. Seite 234 - 246. ---III) LANGE-BERTALOT, Horst, Ditmar METZELTIN und Andrzej WITKOWSKI: Hippodonta gen. nov.: Umschreibung und Begründung einer neuen Gattung der Naviculaceae;111 Figuren auf 4 Tafeln .Seite 247 - 276. ---IV) Lange - Bertalot, Horst: Kobayasia gen. et spec. nov.; 18 Figuren auf 1 Tafel. Seite 277 -286. Mit einem englischen Abstract.- Quotation from the abstract: ' A new genus of the Naviculaceae in the traditional sense is described. It includes 9 species actually. The typus generis is described here as a new species from South Africa. The whole species group is clearly distinguished by a peculiar pattern of the valve morphology from Navicula s.str. and from the recently defined or redefined splitting products of Navicula sensu lato.'
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