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Book ID:  057840
Menezes, L. C.

Cattleya Warneri. 1994. 75 colourphotographs.128 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: The history of Cattleya warneri T.Moore/ A historical note concerning Robert Warner/ William Cattley and the genus Cattleya/ Geographical distribution/ Nomenclature/ About the literature regarding Cattleya warneri/ Parameters and definitions of the varieties of Cattleya warneri T.Moore/ Some observations regarding selected varieties of Cattleya warneri and some of its primary hybrids/ Notes regarding habitats/ Associated species/ Cultivation, pests and diseases/ An index to Cattleya warneri T.Moore, its colour varieties and its natural hybrids as illustrated in this book. - Special offer. You save 11.00 EUR.
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