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Book ID:  058168
Klopfenstein, Eliza

West European Orchids. Part 1.1994. 12 coloured plates.Folio.In Folder.
This will become an iconography in several issues.-Part 1 contains plates of Serapias nurrica Corrias, Traunsteinera globosa (L.)Rchb.f., Orchis langei K.Richt., Orchis pauciflora Ten., Ophrys bombyliflora Link , Ophrys x sommieri Sommier ex E.G. Camus in Cortsei and parental species, Ophrys tenthredinifera Willd., Orchis lactea Poir., Barlia robertiana (Loisel.) Greuter, Ophrys incubacea Bianca, Orchis tridentata Scop., and Ophrys crabonifera Mauri. - Standing orders invited.
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