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Plants of Mount Kinabalu

Volume 1: Parris, B.S., R.S.Beaman and J.H.Beaman:Ferns and Fern Allies.1992.Illustr. 165 p. gr8vo.Paper bd.
The present account comprises part of a botanical inventory or enumeration of the entire flora of vascular plants of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Borneo. The enumeration lists 609 species of pteridophytes for Mount Kinabalu. These belong to 28 families and 145 genera, including almost all the principal genera of the Old World. An additional 12 infraspecific taxa bring the total number of pteridophyte taxa now known to 621. No new species are described in this account, but 10 new combinations for species and four for varieties are published here by Parris. The enumeration includes 30 taxa without published names, of which 29 will be described later by Parris and one to be described later by Chambers. Thirteen taxa are included for which there appear to be authentic records but for which no specimens have been seen.
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