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No. 11. 1988. 2 b/w figs. tab. IV, 91 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: A conspectus of Tribulus in Arabia, Hasnaa A.Hosni/ Genus Zygophyllum L. in Arabia, Amal I.Hosny/ The Cultivated Species of Umbelliferae in Egypt, Hasnaa A.Hosni/ The Type Specimens in Cairo University Herbarium from Egypt and Arabia, Hasnaa A.Hosni/ Taxonomic Studies on Cruciferae in Egypt: 1. Check List and Key to the Genera, M.Nabil E.Hadidi, Salah M.El Naggar & Ian C.Hedge/ Taxonomic Studies on Cruciferae in Egypt: 2. Pollen Grain Morphology of Tribe Brassiceae, Salah M.El Naggar/ Taxonomic Studies on Cruciferae in Egypt: 3. Taxonomic Significance of the Seed Coat Sculpture in Species of Tribe Brassiceae, Abdel-Aziz A, Fayed & Salah M.El Naggar.
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