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Lorence David H. and Reginald E. Vaughn

Annotated Bibliography of Mascarene Plant Life. Including the Useful and Ornamental Plants of the Region.Covering the Period 1609-1990.1992.IV,274 p.gr8vo.Hardcover.
This bibliography is intended primarily as a comprehensive source work dealing with the native and naturalized flora and related ares of natural history of the three Mascarene Islands: Mauritius (or Ile Maurice, formerly Ile de France), Reunion (formerly Ile Bourbon), and Rodrigues (or Rodriguez). The Mascarenes are a trio of volcanic, oceanic islands situated in the southwestern Indian Ocean some 600-1550 km due east of Madagascar. However, a number of references in this work deal with the neighboring islands, islets, or archipelagoes including Aldabra, Agalega, the Chagos, Diego Garcia, Saint Brandon, the Seychelles, and to some extent Madagascar.
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