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Vol. 057: Maas, Paul J.M., Lubbert Y. Th. Westra and others: Rollinia.1992. 82 figs.(line-drawings & distrib.maps).188 p. gr8vo.Paper bd.
Rollinia, with 44 species currently recognized, takes fourth place among the Neotropical genera of Annonaceae. Rolliniopsis is brought into synonymy with Rollinia. Rollinia annonoides R.E.Fries and R. peoppigii Martius are transferred to Annona, and two new combinations are made accordingly. Both synoptical and dichotomous keys are provided for the species. For each species a description, geographical and ecological notes, a distribution map, herbarium specimens, and whenever applicable, synonymy, chromosome number, taxonomic notes, etc. are given. Overviews are given of the history, gross morphology, geography and ecology, systematics, economic uses and conservation status of the genus. Vernacular names are also listed.
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