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Nesbitt, Mark

Identification Guide for Near Eastern Grass Seeds. With illustrations by Jane Goddard. 2006. illus. XIII, 129 p. 4to. Paper bd.
Archeobotanists experience difficulties in identifying grass seeds. Archeological remains of grass seeds present special problems in identification.Archeobotanists therefore have to develop their own identification criteria to deal with a part of the inflorescence that is usually neglected by taxonomists. Coverage of this handbook is limited to identification criteria applicable to charred seeds. In general, the Near East is too dry for the survival of waterlogged plant remains and too wet for the survival of desiccated material. The criteria examined here, however, will also be useful on desiccated seeds and casts of impressions. - 122 genera covered, including discussion of subgeneric taxonomy and variation, with citation of key taxonomic studies. A multi - access key enables grains to be keyed into identification groups.
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