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Accati, Elena and Elena Costa

Theatrum Rosarum. Le rose antiche e moderne. 2006. 800 col. illustr. 336 p. gr8vo. Hardcover in slipcase. In Italian. With DVD containing over 4.500 additional colour illustrations.
A stunning catalogue of old and modern roses in the famous Carla Fineschi private rose garden at Cavriglia, Italy. The entries contain all the details necessary for identification, based on field data concerning more than 500 old and 5.000 modern roses. This work also contains the most up-to-date techniques used in the conservation of the biodiversity of the genus Rosa, made up of a hundred or so species, numerous interspecific hybrids and a multitude of cultivars. It talks of the various types of cultivation, possible juxtapositions with other plants, culture techniques, pruning, diseases and the best tested methods of combating them. It goes on to list nurseries, to reveal the secret of specialist hybrid growers, and to sketch the literary and artistic history of roses, all illustrated with thousands of beautiful images.
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