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Williams, Peter J.le B., David N. Thomas and Colin S. Reynolds (eds.)

Phytoplankton Productivity. Carbon Assimilation in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 2002. illus. XIV, 386 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Chapter headings: A Biography of Einer Steemann Nielsen: The Man and his Science/ History of the Study of Plankton Productivity/ Physiology and Biochemistry of Photosynthesis and Algal Carbon Acquisition/ Approaches to the Measurement of Plankton Production/ Supply and Uptake of Inorganic Nutrients/ Variability of Plankton and Plankton Processes on the Mesoscale/ Assessment of Primary Production at the Global Scale/ On the Interannual Variability in Phytoplankton Production in Freshwaters/ Sustained and Aperiodic Variability in Organic Matter Production and Phototrophic Microbial Community Structure in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre/ Regional - scale Influences on the Long - term Dynamics of Lake Plankton/ Ecosystem Function and Degredation/ On the Evolution of the Carbon Cycle/ Marine Productivity: Footprints of the Past and Steps into the Future/ Appendix: Steemann Nielsen's Publications.
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