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Book ID:  081397
Flora of the USSR (Flora SSSR)

Index to volumes 1 - 30 of the English translation series. 2006. 2 maps. VI, 678 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-906166-51-3)
This volume will be a valuable help to all users of the English translation series of this fundamental flora. It contains all valid names, synonyms, family names, tribes, subtribes,genera, sections, subsections and species published in the English translation series. Also an author index is provided, giving full author names for all names abbreviated in the text of the 'flora'. Please note, that this index refers to volumes produced under the ISBN - prefix 3-87429 only. Some volumes after volume 20 have been also published by another publisher as revised editions, for which this new index will be of no use.
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