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Schabel, Hans G.

Forest Entomology in East Africa. Forest Insects in Tanzania. 2006. illustr. LX, 328 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
East African forests, among the worlds most biologically rich and diverse, are subject to multiple pressures, including insects. As the first work to focus exclusively on East African forest insects, this monograph distils 135 years of scientific and historical literature extending from before the colonial era to the present into an authoritative survey of this regions major pests of trees and wood, as well as their antagonists. This comprehensive treatise also addresses insects of social and economic importance, such as endemics, edible and collectible insects, wild bees and silk producers. It should be of great value to foresters, entomologists, conservation biologists, resource managers, safari outfitters and anyone else interested in the natural history of this fascinating region.
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