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Tzanakakis, Minos E.

Insects and Mites Feeding on Olive. Distribution, Importance, Habits, Seasonal Development, and Dormancy. 2006. (Applied Entomology Library, Volume 1). VI, 204 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This review of literature includes an introduction on the origin of the olive tree and lists 116 species of insects and 30 species of mites known to infest it. It treats the geographical distribution, host plants, feeding habits, voltinism and seasonal history of 34 species of phytophagous insects as well as of 7 species of mites. Of the species covered, 16 are Homoptera, one Hemiptera, one Thysanoptera, five Coleoptera, four Diptera, seven Lepidoptera, six Eriophyoidea and one Tetranychoidea.
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