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Cowley, Jill

The Genus Roscoea. 2007. 20 full - page paintings. 94 col. photographs. 29 distr. maps. 198 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Roscoeas, native to the Himalayan, Burma and China, are striking orchid - like hardy gingers and one of the outstanding gems of the plant world. All twenty known species are described in detail, their structure, form, nomenclature, history, synonyms, habitat, distribution, and many of the various colour forms are illustrated for the first time. Morphology and conservation are discussed. The aspect of cultivation in the garden is dealt with by Richard Wilford, Kew's Alpines and Herbaceous Collection Manager, and the keeper of the national Roscoea collection in the UK, Roland Bream, gives an up-to- date account of the species, cultivars and hybrids in cultivation.
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