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Book ID:  091777
Clarke, H. D., V. A. Funk and T. Hollowell

Plant Diversity of the Iwokrama Forest, Guyana. Using Checklists and Collections Data to Investigate Plant Diversity. 2001. 86 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Plant Diversity of the Iwokrama Forest, Guyana presents the results for this 360,000 hectare area in central Guyana, an area that has been set aside for rainforest conservation and sustainable development. This work provides insight into the plant diversity of a pristine and previously undocumented lowland rainforest of the Guiana Shield. Extensive field work was carried out to make the plant collections that provide the basis for this flora and are detailed along with discussion of ecology and habitats, regional context, and comparison adjacent to the Guiana Shield in northeastern South America. Appendices present lists of identified specimens, specialists that provided determinations for the various families, a synonymised checklist of the 1251 species of plants known from Iwokrama combined with those of the four other recent florulas, and a ranking of species diversity by family for these five areas. The combined checklist of 5659 species indicates that there is a considerable heterogeneity among even adjacent sites and will prove useful to botanists, conservationists, biologists, ecologists, and planners working in northeastern South America.- Quoted from back cover of the book.
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