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Book ID:  073677
Polhill, Roger and Delbert Wiens

Mistletoes of Africa. With chapters on the Comparative morphology of haustoria within African Loranthaceae by Clyde Calvin and Carol Wilson, and on Pollination mechanisms in African Loranthaceae by Donald Kirkup. 1998. 162 maps. 139 col. photographs. 370 p. 4to. Cloth.
Contents (partim): The parasitic habit (Haustorium, Host relationships, Mimicry)/ Origins and evolution of the families/ Comparative morphology of haustoria within African Loranthaceae/ Pollination mechanisms in African Loranthaceae/ Generic classification of African Loranthaceae / Biogeography (Phytogeography of African Loranthaceae, Cytogeography of Viscum)/ Economic importance/ Systematic part (Loranthaceae / Viscaceae)
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