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Book ID:  092150
Onofri, Silvano, Laura Zucconi and Solveig Tosi

Continental Antarctic Fungi. 2007. 130 (35 col.) plates. 247 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Contents (chapter headings): Forewords/ The Antarctic Continent (Macroclimate, Microclimate, Nanoclimate of rocks)/ Mycological researches in Antarctica/ The continental Antarctic Mycodiversity/ Potential pathogens/ Adaptations of fungi to the Antarctic environment/ Autochthonous, potential, and expressed mycoflora (Phylogeny of cryptoendolithic black fungi)/ Human impact/ Taxonomic part (p.47-195)/ Appendix (Yeasts of Continental Antarctica)/ References/ Index. - Maritime Antarctic fungi have been excluded.
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