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Clifton, R. T. F.

The Geraniaceae Group: The Geraniales Species Check List. 5th ed. Vols. 1 - 7. 1994 - 2007. 4to. Paper bd.
Geraniaceae Knuth Tribe I Geranieae: Erodium/ Geraniaceae Knuth Tribe I Geranieae: Geranium species/ Geranium Species Check List, 4th ed, part 3: Monsonia/ Geraniaceae Knuth Tribe I, part 4: Pelargonium/ Geranium Family Species Checklist, 4th ed., part 5: Sarcocaulon/ Superceded Genera, 1990/ Geraniaceae Knuth Tribe I Geranieae, Part 6: Superseded Genera of Pelargonium.
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