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De Jong, Wil, Deanna Donovan and Ken-ichi Abe (eds.)

Extreme Conflict and Tropical Forests. 2007. (World Forests, Volume 5). X, 184 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This book provides insight into the relationships between extreme conflict, the international trade in forest products, and the social, economic and environmental condition of tropical forests and their human communities. Contents (partly): Tropical forests and extreme conflict/ Between war and peace: violence and accommodation in the Cambodian logging sector/ Greed or grievance in West Africas forest wars?/ Nicaraguas frontier: the Bosawas biosphere reserve/ Past conflicts and resource use in Lao PDR/ Seeing the forest for the trees: tropical forests, the state and violent conflict in Africa/ Confronting conflict timber/ Environmental damage from illicit drug crops in Colombia/ Defoliation during the Vietnam War/ etc.
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