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Book ID:  092175
Morot - Gaudry, J. F., P. Lea and J. F. Briat

Functional Plant Genomics 2007. XIII, 699 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Contents (partly): Structural Genomics and in silico Analysis (Physical Stucture of the Plant Nuclear Genome/ The Sequencing of Plant Nuclear Genomes/ Introduction to Bioinformatics/ Databases in Biology/ Gene Prediction/ Detecting Protein Function from Genome Sequences/ Large- scale Protein Sequence Comparisons)/ Functional Genomics: From Sequence to Function in Plants (Gene Transfer to Plants/ Mutant Librairies: A High - throughput Arabidopsis Reverse Genetics System/ DNA Microarrays in Plants/ Statistical Design and the Analysis of Gene Expression Determined by Independent Component Analysis).
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