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Book ID:  092261
Dawson, E. Yale, Cesar Acleto and Ninja Foldwik

The Seaweeds of Peru. 1964. (Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 13). Reprint 2007. 81 plates & 111 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
One of the few monographs on Peruvian algae. Chapter headings: Introd./ General features of the flora/ Systematic part: GREEN ALGAE (Ulotrichales/ Cladophorales/ Siphonocladales/ Siphonales)/ BROWN ALGAE (Ectorcarpales/ Chordariales/ Dictyotales/ Desmarestiales/ Dictyosiphonales/ Laminariales/ Fucales)/ RED ALGAE (Gonotrichales/ Bangiales/ Nemalionales/ Gelidiales/ Cryptonemiales/ Gigartinales/ Rhodymeniales/ Ceramiales).
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