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Chaudhuri, A. B.

Endangered Medicinal Plants, 2007. XII, 311 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Chapter headings: Depletion of land, deforestation and medicinal plant crisis/ Medicinal plants in India--a observation/ Ayurveda: an Indian system/ Potential drug plants of undivided India-listed by Kirtikar and Basu/ Some potential drug plants of India--comments on the list of Sibakali Bhattacharyya./ Some potential drug plants of India: comment on R.N. Chopra's list/ Technology on trade and commerce --imports and exports/ Status assessment of tree flora/ Status assessment of Shrub flora/ Status assessment of Herb flora/ Uses of some medicinal plants of selected areas and their status/ Potential drug plants of laterite and Arid zones/ Potential medicinal plants of North-east India/ Research and cultivation/ Conservation strategy. Appendix/ Bibliography/ Index - This is an endeavour of the author to present a vast quantity of fact-based reliable analytical data on the status (density and frequency etc.) of medicinal plants of India.
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