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Wallace, Alfred Russell

Peixes do Rio Negro / Fishes of the Rio Negro. Alfred Russell Wallace (1850-1852). 2002. illus. 517 p. 4to. Hardcover.- Organized, introduced and translated by Monica de Toledo-Piza Ragazzo.- Bilingual (English / Portuguese).
Between 1850 and 1852, the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, known for later having proposed the the theory of evolution of species by natural selection together with Carles Darwin, went up the Rio Negro and Rio Uaupés to regions never before visited. There he collected a large number of animals, plants and articles of native workmanship. A fire in the ship that was taking him back to England destroyed all his collections. Among the few salvaged items was a collection of 212 fish drawings and notes made by himself, which are here reproduced for the first time.
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