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Burrows, George E. and Ronald J. Tyrl

Handbook of Toxic Plants of North America. 2006. illustr. 320 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
This handbook of plants poisonous to animals has been written and organized to serve the needs of veterinarians, livestock owners, and students. The authors combine the insights of a veterinary toxicologist and a botanist and taxonomist to provide a quick reference for individuals who deal daily with livestock or companion animals in natural settings where plant poisoning may occur. The book is organized by body system affected, then subdivided by clinical manifestation. Each chapter begins with a table of the plants affecting a given system, e.g. plants affecting the liver and causing necrosis. The table lists those plants and comments briefly on the salient signs. It also includes plants that would produce the same effect but will be detailed in other chapters. For each plant, signs, pathology, treatment, and problems and causes are discussed followed by general information on the plant, keys to identification of that plant, illustrations, and location maps.
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