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Book ID:  092552
Sawada, H., M. Araki, N. A. Chappell, J. V. LaFrankie and A. Shimizu (EDS.)

Forest Environments in the Mekong River Basin. 2007. 100 illustr. 320 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Until now, there have been few research works on Cambodian forests because of the long civil war, which restricted access to the area. This book fills gaps in data about the worlds forests, presenting new topics of research in forests like Cambodias. The book consists of three parts (Forest Hydrology, Forest Management, and Forest Ecology), providing an understanding of continental river basins. The latest data are presented, as derived from advanced observation systems for atmospheric flux, ground water level, soil water movement, and stable isotope variation as well as remote sensing, used for continuous measurement of forest environments.
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