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Silva Cacéres, Marcela Eugenia da

Corticolous crustose and microfoliose lichens of northeastern Brazil. 2007. (Libri Bot.,22). 104 col. figs. 161 b/w figs. 168 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
A total of 456 species of corticolous crustose and microfoliose lichens are reported from the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba,Pernambuco, Alagoas and Sergipe in northeastern Brazil, based on more than 2,700 collections made at 22 localities representing the three major vegetation types, coastal Atlantic rainforest or Zona da Mata (Mata Atlântica), Brejos de Altitude, and Caatinga, as well as the transitional Agreste region. Of the 456 species, 426 were identified: 383 could be identified to genus and species level, while further 25 were tentatively identified to species level and 18 species could not be named to species level due to lack of critical revisions of the corresponding genera. A further 30, sterile species were recognized as distinct taxa due to morphological, anatomical, and chemical features, but could not be named to genus and species level due to lack of critical characters; these taxa are not treated here in detail. A partially annotated, alphabetical list of the identified taxa is presented, accompanied by keys to genera and species as well as specimen , and a systematic classification for all taxa is presented. More than half of the species, 255 taxa, are illustrated with habit photographs, to facilitate their identification in addition to the anatomical and chemical features outlined in the keys. 18 species are described as new. In addition, 14 new combinations are proposed. Most of the listed species are new records for the study area; several are new to Brazil, and some are new to the Neotropics. The total number of lichens known from the study area, including previously reported macrolichen and foliicolous lichens is now estimated to be more than 700.
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