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Suesswasserflora von Mitteleuropa

Band 19:2: Komarek, Jiri and K. Anagnostidis: Cyanoprokaryota. Part 2: Oscillatoriales. 2005. (Reprint 2007). 1010 figs. 759 p. 8vo. Paper bd.- In English.
Contents (partly): Introduction/ Phenotype characters of Oscillatoriales (important for identification): Cell morphology and ultrastructure, Filament morphology, Polarity, Branching, Cell division, Reproduction, Colonies, Thallus structure/ Classification system (Morphological variation and diversification, Molecular background, coincidence with phenotype characters, Principles of the modern classification)/ Ecology and distribution/ Glossary (morphological terms)/ Systematics Part: Pseudanabaenaceae/ Schizotrichaceae/ Borziaceae/ Phormidiaceae/ Gomontiellaceae/ Oscillatoriaceae/ Proposal of cyanobacterial system 2004/ Literature/ Index.
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