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Suesswasserflora von Mitteleuropa

Band 01:02: Chrysophyte and Hapto- phyte Algae: Synurophyceae, by J. Kristiansen and Hans Gärtner. Edited by Burkhard Bürgel, Georg Gärtner, Lothar Krienitz, Hans R. Preisig und Michael Schagerl. 2007. 690 figs. 251 p. 8vo. Hardcover. - In English.
Contents: Preface/ General pt./ Systematic part/ Family Mallomonadaceae (Mallomonas, Conradiella)/ Family Synuraceae (Chrysodidymus, Jaoniella, Pseudosyncrypta, Tessellaria, Synura)/ References/ Plates/ Check-list of Synurophyceae.
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