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Diatom Monographs

Edited by Krystyna Wasylikova and Andrzej Witkowski. Volume 08: The Palaeoecology of Lake Zeribar and surrounding areas, Western Iran, during the last 48,000 years. 2008. Many text figs. 39 photographic plates. 376 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-906166-55-1)
Foreword/ Introduction (Krystyna Wasylikowa / History of research (Herbert E. Wright, Jr) : (Introduction / The 1963 campaign / The 1970 campaign /Post-1970 analytical work)/ Geologic and climatic setting of the sites (Herbert E. Wright, Jr) / Outline of the vegetation of western Iran (Willem van Zeist) : (Introduction / The regional vegetation /Zeribar marsh vegetation) /Coring and sampling methods (Herbert E. Wright, Jr and Krystyna Wasylikowa): (Introduction / Lake Zeribar / Lalabad and Nilofar / Mirabad landslide lakes / Sub-sampling) / Description of sediments (Krystyna Wasylikowa and Herbert E. Wright, Jr) / Lake Zeribar: dating and sedimentation rate (Adam Walanus and Krystyna Wasylikowa): (Introduction / Age-depth curves / Sedimentation rate) / Late Pleistocene and Holocene vegetation at Zeribar (Willem van Zeist): (Introduction / The surface-sample study / Late Pleistocene / Holocene / Comparison with other pollen sites) / Paleoecology of Lake Zeribar in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene reconstructed from the flora of aquatic and marsh plants (Krystyna Wasylikowa): (Introduction / Methods / Principles of palaeoecological interpretation of plant- macrofossil assemblages from Lake Zeribar / Pleniglacial lake vegetation / Lake vegetation during the decline of the Pleniglacial and in the Lateglacial / Lake vegetation in the Holocene / Summary of plant-macrofossil stratigraphy / Notes on the identification of plant macrofossils from Lake Zeribar (Krystyna Wasylikowa and Felix Yu. Velichkevich )) / / Diatom paleolimnology of Lake Zeribar, Iran, in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene (Andrzej Witkowski, Kazimierz Wasylik , Horst Lange-Bertalot, and Malgorzata Bak): (Introduction / Material and methods / Results / Discussion / Conclusions /(Plates))/ Oospores of Charales in Late Pleistocene and Holocene sediments of Lake Zeribar, Iran (Andrzej Hutorowicz) : (Introduction / Materials and methods / Systematic description of the charophyte species identified / Palaeoparameters of water in Lake Zeribar /Charophyte vegetation at the decline of the Pleniglacial and in the Lateglacial / Charophyte vegetation at the decline of the Lateglacial and the beginning of the Holocene / Charophyte vegetation in the Holocene / Summary of charophyte vegetation stratigraphy) / Molluscs of Late Quaternary lacustrine sediments of Lake Zeribar (Iran) (Stefan W. Alexandrowicz): (Introduction / Material and methods / Species of molluscs / Assemblages of molluscs / Interpretation) / Charred plant macrofossils in lake Zeribar sediments (Jerzy J. Langer and Krystyna Wasylikowa) : (Introduction / Charred remains in Lake Zeribar sediments / Physico-chemical analyses / Conclusions of physico-chemical analyses / Palaeoecological interpretation) / Variations in effective moisture at Lake Zeribar, Iran during the last glacial period and Holocene, inferred from the values of authigenic calcite (Lora R. Stevens, Emil Ito, and Herbert E Wright, Jr.): (Introduction/ Climatic Setting/ Oxygen - isotope setting/ Values as proxies for hydrology and effective moisture/ Methods/ Results/ Discussion/ Conclusions)/ The Lake Zeribar paleoecology: a synthesis (Krystyna Wasylikowa, Willem van Zeist, Herbert E. Wright, Jr, Lora R. Stevens, Andrzej Witkowski, Adam Walanus, Andrzej Hutorowicz, Stefan W. Alexandrowicz, and Jerzy J. Langer): ( Introduction / Middle Pleniglacial (ca. 48,000-38,000 cal. yr BP) / Upper Pleniglacial (ca. 38,000-15,400 cal yr BP) / The Lateglacial (ca. 15,400-12,000 cal. yr BP) / Early Holocene (ca. 12,000-6900 cal. yr BP) / Middle and Late Holocene from 6900 to 1400 cal. yr BP / Summarizing remarks)/ References / Appendix 1 (Depth and age of samples used for various analyses) / Appendix 2 (List of plant taxa identified on the basis of macrofossi
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