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Book ID:  092959
Amils, Ricardo, Cynan Ellis-Evans and Helmut G. Hinghofer-Szalkay (EDS.)

Life in Extreme Environments. 2007. (Reprinted from Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology, 5:2-3 and 6:1-3). 370 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Contents (partly): Ultraviolet radiation shapes seaweed communities/ Planktonic microbial assemblages and the potential effects of metazooplankton predation on the food web of lakes from the maritime Antactica and Sub-Antarctic islands/ Energy dependant plant stress acclimation/ Ecology and molecular adaptations of the halophilic black yeast/ The challenge of the food sufficiency through salt tolerant crops/ Viruses in extreme environments/ Microbial ecology of submerged marine caves and holes characterised by high levels of hydrogen sulphide/ Fungi in Antarctica/ Pressure and life: some biological strategies/ A proposed classification of environmental adaptation: the example of high altitude/ Industrial barrens: extreme habitats created non-ferrous metallurgy/ etc.
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