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Book ID:  083962
Schubert, Hendrik and Irmgard Blindow (eds.)

Charophytes of the Baltic Sea. 2004. (The Baltic Marine Biologists Publication, No. 19). 6 col. plates. Many line - drawings and distr. maps (=dot maps).II, 325 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-906166-06-3)
From the foreword: Compared to other submerged macrophytes, charophytes are affected already by moderate eutrophication. Therefore, they are often used as bioindicators for good water quality. Considering this sensitivity and the fact that charophyte species among charophytes are severely threatened by eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, it is surprising that these plants have not been included in international monitoring programmes. Poor knowledge about this group and determination problems may be some reasons for this. This book aims at filling these gaps. We present information about the distribution, morphology, ecology, physiology and molecular biology regarding both the group per se and individual species. An overview of the Baltic Sea as a habitat for charophytes is given in a geographic as well as time scale perspective. A determination key for charophytes in the Baltic Sea was developed and tested by the members of the working group. Information on the status of investigation and valuable habitats for charophytes is given for the single countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Changes in occurrence and threat factors are described and form the basis for a Red List of charophytes in the Baltic Sea. Finally, synonyms and nomenclature are given for each taxon.
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