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Acta Palaeobotanica

Volume 47, number 1. Edited by Johanna Kovaer-Eder Lilla Hably and Veronika Wahnert. 2007. 311 p. gr8vo.
This special volume of papers is dedicated to Zlatko Kvacek, intended as a token of gratitude and appreciation on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Contents (small excerpt): The floral change in the Tertiary of the Rhön mountains (Germany)/ Early Miocene flora of the South Slovakian basin/ The state of investigation of the Upper Pliocene Dvorets flora (SE Belarus)/ Use of fluorescent microscopy in the study of redeposited palynomorphs in the cave and marine sediments of Moravia (Czech Republic)/ Changes in coarse woody debris of a West Carpathian subalpine spruce forest over ten years/ North American native tree species diversity/ Using a seed mix to establish native hay meadow species in ornamental meadows/ The flora of kurgans in the steppe zone of southern Ukraine - phytogeographical and ecological aspects/ etc.
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