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Coesel, P. F. M. and J. Meesters

Desmids of the Lowlands. Mesotaenia- cea and Desmidiaceae. 2007. illus. 351 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - Plus 1 CD-ROM.
Because of the preferential occurrence in vulnerable habitats, desmids lend themselves well to figuring in conservation studies. The present flora describes all desmid taxa known from the Netherlands and adjacent lowland areas: over 500 species and more than 150 additional varieties. Because of the predominantly cosmopolitan nature of most species the flora may also be used outside the geographical area of the Lowlands. The added CD-ROM offers general information on desmid biology as well as a selection of species that are discussed in more detail. Ecological data, both on separate species and desmid communities, enable a characterization of the habitat sampled.
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